How We Deliver

This is How We Deliver.

We are a company that is creating a new life infrastructure for the society.
How can we transport goods that could not be delivered before?
What feelings do we convey when we deliver?
Creating something new is exceptionally challenging, therefore, "How We Deliver" is our guiding principle that unifies our ambitions.
It also serves as a roadmap to lead ourselves to the next stage.

Teamwork Do it together.
To accomplish difficult tasks, working together as a team is always better than working individually.
We approach our work with teamwork, involving people from both inside and outside the organization.
Ownership and Drive Follow through to the end.
Creating a new service takes time.
Our work often involve collaboration with variety of people to gain understanding and support.
We will drive forward with perseverance and take full responsibility until the end.
Compliance and Ethics Proceed with integrity.
Even during adversity and challenges, we adhere to rules and work sincerely to deliver what is expected and appreciated by the society.
Flexibility Enjoy the changes.
We cannot create something new if bound by traditional methods.
We seek solutions by changing our perspectives and listening to new inspirations, while embracing change with positive attitude.
User's perspective View from user's perspective.
We provide our service to, merchants that need delivery, partners who deliver, and users who ultimately receives the goods.
We are only successful once everyone is fulfilled.
We will create our service from each and every user's perspective.
Warmth Deliver with feelings.
Hot food should be warm. Cold goods should be kept cool.
When the goods are being delivered, the sensation should be at the appropriate temperature and every interaction should be met with hospitality.
Whether it's food or how we treat others, we deliver with warmth and care.
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