Enriching the Value of Time with Technology

The time we have is limited. We want to use the power of technology to make that precious "now" more valuable to enrich people's lives and time. With food delivery as our starting point, we will create a world in which the changing needs of people at any given time or place are satisfied.


Life Infrastructure that Connects People's Happiness in the Local Community

We aim to further revitalize the local economy by developing services that are rooted in each local community as a life infrastructure that supports everyone. Our goal is not only to deliver "meals" and "goods", but also to connect people in the local community and deliver happy moments.



By using the cutting-edge technology and providing friendly services, we create "trust" that will enable us to cherish the one in front of us and others who are involved.
Personal and corporate growth can be achieved by taking on the challenges without being afraid of failure. In addition to food delivery, we will create a life infrastructure that delivers all kinds of "goods" that people want.
We need excitement and creativity of each person in order to create new infrastructure and new values that we are aiming for. By embodying the creativity of each member, we will make people's lives richer and more colorful.
See here for "Principles"