Message from the President

Enriching the Value of Time with Technology

A life with COVID-19 made food delivery a popular choice for people of all ages.
Many of you probably have used the service at least once when working from home, meeting with friends online, and eating dinner at home because of the shortened operating hours of restaurants, for example.
As people stated to use food delivery more often throughout the day in addition to lunch and dinner hours, it is truly beginning to be a part of everyday life in this country.

While rationalization of the highly competitive food delivery market has been taking place,
we are constantly improving our quality of delivery, products, and customer service to maximize user experience. Recently, we have entered the field of "quick commerce," which offers immediate delivery of daily necessities and fresh foods. We will further evolve our service as Japan's life infrastructure.

In addition, based upon our newly formulated corporate mission, "Enhancing the Value of Time with Technology," we intend to "maximize the value of time" of our customers through the power of technology. We will continue to carefully listen to the voices of restaurants and users and respond quickly to new challenges that tomorrow will bring to further evolve Demaecan.

President & CEO Hideo Fujii