Demae-can Business

Japan's leading local delivery platform

Demaecan operates a hyperlocal delivery service, connecting consumers with their favorite local restaurnats & businesses in 47 prefectures.
Our selection has been expanding since launch, and now consumers can choose from more than 100,000 merchants. Originally started as a food-delivery service, Demaecan is evolving to provide quick commerce, a last mile delivery service of daily necessities, beverages, and other essentials to everyday life.

Use Demaecan

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Business Model

When a user places an order, an order information is sent to a merchant. Based on this information, the merchant prepares and delivers food.
In addition to this model, we also operate a service called Sharing Delivery, which allows restaurants that do not have delivery capabilities to use Demaecan's delivery network.
When a user places an order with Demaecan, an order information is sent to a restaurant and a rider. Restaurant finishes cooking within the designated time, and then the rider picks it up delivers the food to the user.